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Hyundai HCN has consistently engaged in a variety of social contributory activities, including child welfare, social welfare and
environment protection activities while trying to create warm-hearted and healthy local Local.
We also actively seek to create a company that shares with our customers' and 'a company that brings beautiful light to the world by meeting or exceeding customer expectations.
1) Regular sponsorship (monthly)
     Poorly-fed children, foster home, single-parent household
     (Six persons by each broadcasting station)
     Provide support for one studying room with sisterhood relationship in each district
     (One studying room for each broadcasting station)
2) Provide medical fees for child patients with incurable disease
3) Summer camp program for children from underprivileged families
4) Liberal arts education for children in studying room with sisterhood relationship (quarterly)
5) Sponsor children's soccer academy
1) Social welfare Local chest (Fruit of love) PR and sponsor
2) Birthday party for senior citizens who live in solitude and delivery of love rice
3) Production, broadcasting and sponsoring of social welfare programs
     'Hopeful quiz for sharing love"(Provide medical fees for patients with incurable disease)
     'Let us share love'(Provide living expenses for vulnerable social group)
1) Push ahead with environmental campaign called 'One company One mountain'
2) Cleaning in Geumjeongsan (Mt.) etc.
3) Sponsor environmental campaign for Soyanggang (River)
1) Sponsor local events (Festival for multi-cultural family and various events for local residents)
2) Sponsor cultural performance & experience for affiliated children from underprivileged facilities
     (regular sponsorship)
3) Organize the Fusion Musical Performance and Love Rice Collection event
Promote the Fruit of Love campaign through fund-raising activities
Live broadcasting of fund-raising campaign during the period between December and February on an
annual basis along with sponsoring activities for fund-raising by setting up a reception booth
Blood Donation Campaign
Social contributory activities through blood donation under the slogan of
"Little Courage Big Love Blood Donation"
Participate in Love Rice Collection event
Each affiliate sponsors a rice collection event held in its coverage district
Delivery of rice to underprivileged people in each respective district
(In collaboration with Local Administration Office)
Organize gymnastic event
Organize and host mini gymnastic event
between affiliated institutes and children in studying room
Hyundai HCN is a future-oriented company
that leads digitization and informatization
of local communities through broadcasting
stations nationwide as iconic local broadcasting media.