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Provides HD video content to meet sophisticated demand in the digital era quality broadcasting
programs with latest trends incorporated to maximize viewer satisfaction.

- Channel CHING dedicated to HD dramas, Welcome to the world of drama!
- China's first HD Channel solely dedicated to dramas
- New entertainment channel for female viewers, TrendE, "Have a TrendE day"
- TrendE = Trend + Entertainment
- Channel dedicated to outdoor travels,“Let’s Do it!”
- Best outdoor & travel guide channel
Bi-directional data transmission of digital cable broadcasting Viewers are allowed to choose their preferred content.
In pursuit of individually-customized infortainment Truly bi-directional transmission service that incorporates viewer opinions

- English education content for kids, with which children can learn English while engaging
  in various activities including game and quiz with popular Dibo characters
Distribution of content for terrestrial, CATV, satellite, IPTV and HD broadcasting

  Content Distribution Business (B2B)
  Distribute HD broadcasting content to terrestrial TV, CATV, satellite TV, and IPTV

  VOD retail business (B2C)
  Digital CATV VOD, IPTV VOD, Internet VOD service, etc.