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Hy ultra-speed Internet provided by Hyundai HCN allows a variety of data transmission speeds and prices
to choose from depending on their needs and preferences.
Our product portfolio includes Optical LAN, Premium, and Light along with supplementary services such as access restriction
to hazardous sites and vaccine program.

This service provides the HFC Network-based Internet that combines broadband backbone and quality cable TV broadcast network.
HFC Network is a hybrid data transmission network that consists of the optical fiber cables between the Headend to outdoor
optical receiver units nearby households and the coaxial cables between outdoor signal receivers and each household unit.

Ultra-speed Internet best-fit to multimedia Internet
Indulge yourself into the world of multimedia where you can get access to a variety of multimedia content,
including large-sized file download, network game and latest movie.
Grab telephone and cable TV simultaneously
You can enjoy both Internet telephone and cable TV at the same time using a cable network with bandwidth
assigned for multiple services.
Ultra-speed Internet services
Hy Internet Light featuring 10Mbps and Hy Internet Premium/Optical LAN featuring 100Mbps
As convenient as TV
No hassle for user authentication as login to Internet connection is automatically made upon booting
your PC just like turning on a TV.
Economic efficiency
Unlimited access to the Internet connection for the fixed amount of monthly fees
HFC network that features superior bi-directionality and additional supplementary services based on quality transmission
infrastructure provides ultra-speed Internet services specifically designated for large-sized multimedia content.