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Specialty in multi-channel broadcasting services
Some 190 channels from both terrestrial and satellite broadcasting systems with a wide variety of themes, including news,
movie, music, entertainment, documentary, sports, education, baduk, culture, and home shopping.
A variety of supplementary service
A variety of supplementary services, including video phone, Internet, VOD, remote education, home banking, medical,
remote security and fire prevention through the bi-directional transmission system.
Local-centered media
One and only Local-centered media that delivers local news and everyday life information on a real time basis.
Clear picture, excellent sound quality
Clear picture and excellent sound quality without concerns over poor reception through a direct transmission through cables
Leader in information society
Comprehensive new media with sophisticated convergence of computer,
optical communication and telecommunication satellite.
Economic efficiency
40,000-60,000 won of installation fee.
Access to some 70 channels with various themes (except charging channels), public TV broadcasting,
satellite broadcasting for a reasonable price.
US terminated terrestrial analog broadcasting services in late 2009, followed by Japan and France in 2011..
Korea also ended terrestrial analog broadcasting services in late 2012.
A digital broadcasting Hy TV service is required in order to enjoy digital broadcasting services to the fullest.
Even electronics manufacturers have suspended production of analog TVs and manufacture and distribute digital TVs only.
   What can be expected upon conversion from analog to digital?
Enhancement of screen quality: access to 200 channels or more with SD, HD or DVD-quality screen resolution
CD sound quality: Hi-fi sound quality with 5.1 channel supported
190 multi-channels: 140 video channels, 20 VOD channels, 30 audio channels
TV under fingertip control: You are able to configure your TV to restrict access by age and access to adult channels to
   protect your children from inappropriate materials.

Digital broadcasting services featuring clear picture and quality sound consist of multiple video and audio channels with
a variety of genres tailored to viewer preferences. Latest movies are also available through the VOD service equipped
with various video player functions, including fast forward and rewinding.
In addition, digital broadcasting services provide bi-directional data transmission on various broadcasting services,
including weather forecast, transportation, securities, entertainment, sports and TV text messaging as well as Dolby
surround sound comparable to that in movie theaters.

This service allows viewers to enjoy latest movies anytime at home without inconveniences of having to rent and return
video tapes or DVDs and is available to all digital cable TV subscribers.

This is a Video-on-Demand service that allows viewers to select any program they want any time among a wide variety
of genres to choose from, including KBS and SBS drama/entertainment, movie, adult, and education. A variety of functions
that come with a VCR or DVD player, including fast forward, rewinding, play and pause are also available at your fingertip,
which is unprecedented in broadcasting industry.

You can get access to digital music with a
variety of genres 24/7 depending on
your preferences.

This bi-directional transmission service allows you to get access to a
variety of information, including weather forecast, transportation,
securities, entertainment, sports as well as interactive games and
singing room and online shopping.